Growing up in a family spanning several generations of musicians and songwriters, it was perhaps inevitable that West Texas singer songwriter Tori Vasquez would quickly find her own unique voice and path in today’s music world. It’s a voice which captures elements of a modern day Patsy Cline, perhaps subtle shades of Amy Winehouse or even Norah Jones. A real musician and songwriter with the courage to say what's on her mind.

Her tell it like it is performances quickly created a buzz in the Texas scene leading her to be signed to successful indie label Brando Records and the release of her debut EP ‘Let It Go’. This was followed by a successful series of US and European dates, performing from Austin to LA to London and Berlin.

Her experiences on the road prepared her for her greatest creative challenge as she entered the studio to record her debut album ‘Go Thank Yourself’. Produced by Matt Noveskey (IAMDYNAMITE), it is a culmination of her beautifully melancholy storytelling alongside collaborations with long time songwriting partner and friend, Shannon Smith, many of which she describes as being created from their infamous "Whiskey Sessions", with the help of an acoustic guitar and a bottle of Whiskey.

‘Go Thank Yourself’ is not just a collection of stand alone songs to be randomly picked over. Right from the start it’s clear this is something out of the ordinary. From album opener “Smile", with its fifties upbeat acoustic backbone, a song about “Faking it till you make it and basically hiding behind your smile until you’re okay”, its musical influence is surprisingly inspired by Luis Prima who performed "I Wanna Be Like You" from Disney’s The Jungle Book! This is far from throwaway, disposable pop music.

Get set to become well acquainted with "Bitch Switch". In today’s world of hashtags and slogans this is sure to become a regular part of modern vocabulary. “Our friend had been dating a guy for ten years only to find out he’d been cheating on her for the past three. ‘Bitch Switch’ is about having something, only for it to be taken away and your reaction to that.”

It’s clever observations such as these which give Tori her own identity, a young voice with an old soul that speaks to a younger generation that adores quality musicianship and classic, timeless songwriting. “I just hope people can relate to it and enjoy it. It’s definitely a lot meaner than I set it out to be, but it’s all true to heart."

‘Go Thank Yourself’ rewards its listener with something new upon every play. For the most part beautifully touching, it has an underlying dark quality as we are introduced to past break-ups, lost love and jealously. It’s delivery for the most part subtle, smoky and understated. Get ready to be acquainted with a true Texas siren.

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